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  • How we help you

    Welcome to Whitson Watt Accounting, an accounting firm in Mackay, North Queensland. Our accountants have been looking after small businesses throughout North Queensland and Central Queensland from Mackay out to Clermont, to Proserpine, Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays.

    Our strength is we look to listen and understand you and your business, we know every person is unique and so is each entrepreneur's business life. We want to know what makes you tick and what you are wanting from your business life and we want to help you to get it. Whether it be to continue a long-standing family business or are a new startup set to take over the world with your latest innovation, we are there to guide and assist you to make the right decisions to achieve what it is you want from your business life.

    Once we know how you tick, our accountants help you to get the house in order and the right people by your side to make the journey as easy and comfortable as it can be. We use systems like Xero that will be there when you are ready at the click of a mouse button or a swipe on a tablet.


  • Liberate yourself

    We like to be at the forefront of technology to make accounting and running a business easier. Our accountants research and test numerous apps and cloud based products every day in the market place. Through our experiences we know what works and will be helpful and what is more smoke than fire. We test not only software and cloud based products, but we also use the latest in gadgetry and useful hardware tools, on a number of occasions we have been the first users in the region of some of the latest technology released to see how it can help businesses to be better.

    We are the first accounting firm in the Mackay region to have our own fully developed accounting app on iOS and Android made just for our clients and what they will use to make working with us easier and faster. We have a strong team that is well trained in cloud based products like Xero who can show you how to cut down the time you have to spend in the less than rewarding tax compliance side of the business and even better we show you how you can turn around what was once a chore into a source of valuable information that you can tap into to increase your bottom line.


  • Traditional taxation and business services

    We are a full service accounting firm that provides traditional business services such as tax returns, accounting, GST, payroll and bookkeeping solutions scaled to your business through all phases of your business life. We can help to systemise your business and put procedures in place to solve tax compliance problems.

    We provide comprehensive entity structuring advice with support from some of the leading taxation experts in Australia to get the right result for you from the start. Based on the taxation laws at the time of the advice we have the ability to advise on complex transactions and restructuring with years of practical experience to all levels of business. We help clients of all size and stature to achieve better outcomes.

    To keep up to date on the latest information in tax, accounting and technology, check out our blog.


  • For more information or to talk to one of our accountants, contact our office on (07) 49535858