• Why Us/What We Do

    We believe that being in business should not be hard even if the red tape seems like a mountain at times. Our accounting team have the tools, resources, networks and team to simplify and make the mountains smaller and manageable so you can concentrate on what makes your business tick, whether it be tackling compliance to analysing your financial data, we can help you to an easier, smoother business life.

    We believe that life should be exciting, challenging and rewarding even when running your business, it should not be about ticking boxes for regulators who don’t understand the business world.  ‘Let our mastery of numbers and systems set you free to be the best you can be.’

    We want to be your partner to guide you through the life cycle of your business. 

  •  The Business Lifecycle

    If you want to start a business, then we want you to succeed. We want to work with big thinkers and world changers to be our partners as clients. We want to see entrepreneurs succeed and know we helped them on the journey in getting there. Just like you we want to make a difference and we know we can’t all be in the role of the leading man, but we are more than happy to be the supporting cast that supports you on the business journey. We can help you set up your record keeping using modern software accounting software such as Xero to help save you time. We can also take care of the bookkeeping for you so you can concentrate on developing your business. 

  • Accelerate

    Are you ready to accelerate your business to the next level! Whitson Watt Accounting wants to help you grow your business and be your strategic advisor. We take the time to get to know your business and look for ways we can add value. We can help you set budgets to know where you are going and prepare forecasts to manage your cash flow. By setting up reporting KPIs and benchmarking, you can monitor the performance of your business and use the information to make more informed decisions. We can help set up systems in your business to help free your time so you can concentrate on growing the business.  

  • Cruise

    Now that your business has grown to the point you want, how do you put your business on auto pilot to achieve your other goals, such as focusing on wealth goals, business exit strategies, estate and succession planning. You may be looking at taking control over your own investments and we can provide services on setting up and administering self-managed superannuation funds. We have operated in Mackay for a long time and built relationships with well respected advisers in financial planning and law so that we can work together to plan for your future. You can take comfort in that we are looking at keeping your best interests at heart.