• Xero


    Do you need an accountant to help make your life simpler by switching to online accounting software Xero? We are a Xero certified accounting firm in Mackay, QLD and have a well-resourced and tested support network around using it to the best of it’s potential. If you are wanting to put the best cloud based business accounting program to work for you, then we can help you make it happen. We can help migrate existing data, setup the ledger to suit your needs, provide training and with our implementation programs help you get up and running on Xero in no time.

  • Benefits of Xero

    If you want to work smarter and faster, consider these benefits of cloud accounting on Xero. 

    1. Save time on data entry as your bank transactions are automatically downloaded from your bank into Xero, meaning you no longer have to manually enter all the data yourself.
    2. You can login online to Xero anywhere, anytime. The software can be accessed from multiple locations and from any device that has an internet connection, whether it be your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. 
    3. We can login to your Xero file and review your data and get the figures we need to prepare your tax return. There is no need to have to buy USB memory sticks to save your accounting file to bring in to us.
    4. We can make changes directly to your Xero software so that it matches the tax return i.e. no longer will you have to worry about your accounting software figures being different to your accountant.
    5. As Xero is run online, there is no need to install software on your computer and everything is backed up automatically. 
    6. Xero can give you real-time access to your data which can help you monitor your cash flow and make business decisions. 
    7. Xero has a wide range of add-on partners that can provide software to help your business that links directly to Xero, such as Vend (point of sales), Receipt Bank (data entry), Cin7 (inventory management), CrunchBoards (forecasting and reporting), EnableHR (payroll/HR), WorkflowMax (invoicing).

    To learn more about Xero, go to www.xero.com 


  • Learning new software can be a challenge, so we have prepared these videos designed for specific industries on entering transactions on Xero.